Finally being able to purchase "your" beach home on 30A is exciting! Congratulations if you've made it thus far - you've likely worked very hard to get where you are today, and 30A holds a special place in your heart for you and your family. 

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Whether you can pay cash or you're like most of us and will need financing, buying a property here at the beach is a multi-step process - but should go very smoothly if everyone is on the same page and speed. Having a great real estate agent that you connect with (read: vibe with) and communicate well with is key to a making things go as uninterrupted as it should. A good 30A real estate agent, like any with Live 30A, will help your clarify your needs, find the property, research the values, present and negotiate offers, and manage the purchase through closing and beyond. While there's plenty to say about the value of a good agent, there's also plenty to say about being a communicative and easy-to-work-with 30A buyer. 


Here's the Top 10 Things Your 30A Real Estate Agent Needs To Know From You: 

#1.) You & your family's necessities and lifestyle preferences. 

Getting to know your agent, and your 30a real estate agent getting to know you is a big factor in enjoying, streamlining, and smoothing the process of buying. When an agent can know what you're looking for, your style, what you "really" need, and all the other little things - like a nice tree for a kids tree house, or a large kitchen for the aspiring chef - everything seems to work better. 


#2.) What is your budget/price range for this purchase?

While it can be tempting sometimes to keep this info to yourself, your agent needs to know what you want, and what you can pull off financially. A good agent will help make you make a good, informed decision, and help put the right properties in front of you. Also, an agent will help you navigate connecting with a lender and getting pre-qualified if you haven't yet. The Live 30A team works with lenders all the time and provide a list of our recommended local 30A lenders. 

#3.) Are you ready to buy today if you found the "perfect" property? If not, when? 

Sometimes saving 30+ properties as favorites and asking lots of questions can (naturally) lead your agent to think you are ready asap to buy. They will need to know if this is actually true - or if you might need to sell a property back home, wait for a Christmas bonus, etc. before making a move. 

#4.) Where is your favorite area / community on 30A? 

This is an important question and a fun one we love to ask. We've noticed that usually people vacation on 30A in their favorite spots for a few years before owning real estate on 30A in their favorite communities (or nearby). We love hearing about years of vacationing, visiting as kids, and finding the beach beach spots for your family too.  

#5.) How will you be using the property? 

The overall use of your 30A property is actually a pretty important factor in how we help you narrow down the options. If you're wanting to use the property to generate some vacation rental income, we'll point you in the right direction for those. If you're wanting some privacy and a primary residence, we'll probably suggest an area not in the middle of everything. 

#6.) If you could buy what you really wanted, what would that be? 

Sometimes, you've gotta just come out and say it - what do you REALLY want? You'd be surprised what can come from this little conversation. 

#7.) What is your experience/history visiting 30A? 

Much like question 4, this is a fun one! It's here that we not only learn about you - but can begin to learn how familiar you are to the area - if you're basically a local already, or if you've only visited one 30A community, like Watersound Beach or Rosemary Beach over the years. 

#8.) Are you and your spouse / significant other on the same page? 

Husbands, you already know. If momma isn't on the same page, we have some work to do.

#9.)  How would you like to communicate, and how often? 

No one likes to be annoyed with phone calls or emails. Our buyers sometimes want us to call them the moment a new listing comes up, and others ask for a text, still others just ask for a weekly or monthly check-in and update. 

#10.) Are you working with another agent? 

Just like you, we work hard - and only get paid by actually helping and getting to closings. We do want to make sure you are taken care of very well, and would love to be the ones who do so - but, if you have a relationship with a 30A real estate agent other than one at Live 30A that you intend on continuing - please let us know on the front end. We'll ask too. 


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Every home purchase or sale with Live 30A Real Estate helps impact lives around the World. See more on our Greater Purpose page here. 

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