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The Grayton House - 30A's Most Historic and Storied Home

The Grayton House (known by many previously as "washaway") is the cornerstone of Grayton Beach, and quite possibly the original home in the 30A area. Today, we share a little of the story, and a sneak peek at what's coming Summer 2022... 

Grayton House 1895

Preserving History & Saving Everything Possible

Originally build before the turn of the century (1895), the Grayton House has becoming one of the most historic and storied homes in South Walton. Tales of Al Capone, government takeovers, jumping from the balcony onto sand dunes, washing all it's foundation (multiple times - hence "washaway"), and more -- the home was is dire shape by the time it came for sale again in 2019. Originally thought to be…

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With hearts of gratitude, Thank You!

One of the ways our team at @Live30A has chosen to give back and make an impact is supporting some great work being done at a Children's Home in Leon, Nicaragua called Jesus Centered Ministries, or JCM for short. 

Jesus Centered Ministries Nicaragua

It's here, that children with short and long term medical needs from all over the country find the love, support, and help they need. Specializing in children who have developmental challenges - the home over time has also become a place of full-time care and attention. Run by a lovely couple who have been serving full time in this capacity for 20+ years, we encountered this wonderful organization in 2018 on a previous mission trip to Nicaragua and fell in love. Today, we support this ministry and…

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Fall here at the beach is an incredibly mild & comfortable time of year, perfect for beach bonfires, beach days, and camping here! (Yes, there's amazing camping opportunities here in South Walton) - And over the past 18 months or so, the real estate market here has been something for the books: An incredible amount of sales, value growth, and new developments have sprouted up for the growing demand. Fueled by an incredible white-sandy beach, quick access for southern cities, viable rental income opportunity, long-range outlook of valuation, and a beautifully free state (thanks, Governor) - The Florida Panhandle, and especially the South Walton area (were iconic "30A" is located) has become a beautiful opportunity for families to invest in their legacy. 

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Buying your 30A dream vacation home is a beautiful journey to embark on - starting the search, connecting with a 30A Realtor, deep talks with your spouse about what you need most and what matters, thinking about the future memories that you'll make, discovering new opportunities, narrowing down options, and finally selecting the ONE! 

Here below, we take a few minutes to share our professional opinions to help guide you through the 30A real estate market report for July, August, and September 2021. 

Curated 30A Real Estate Market Report Q3

30A East: Inlet Beach, Rosemary Beach, Seacrest Beach, Alys Beach, Seacrest, Watersound Beach, Seagrove, Watercolor, Seaside

30A Market Report Rosemary Beach

30A West: Grayton Beach, Blue Mountain Beach, Gulf Place, Dune Allen Beach

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If You're a Lover of 30A, you've inevitably become curious about the real estate landscape here. Many have foud a place here at the beach, and still many others are looking for their place here among the world's most beautiful beaches, in what we believe is the South's most incredible area. Toss the incredibleness of how Florida has responded in the last 18 months -- and this place is quite the Oasis. 

30A Real estate market live 30A

So. Where has the 30A real estate market been? Where is it at now? and... and big question: where do we see it going? 

Where the 30A Real Estate Market Has Been. 

Over the past few decades, the beaches of South Walton and 30A area have grown exponentially in popularity as they have been discovered. Over the past decade, the 30A area has…

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Only one more month of beautiful summertime here on 30A, can you believe it? For many, kids are already heading back to school - but for the many who relocated here or are extending their summer vacations - there's a little more summer heat left! Speaking of heat, the 30A real estate market has been on absolute FIRE for the last 14+ months... but where are we at today? 

Well, it may surprise you that today we are reporting the first notable MARKET DROP in terms of properties sold and properties put under contract since April/May of last year. That's right. But what does this mean? Does it mean we should prepare for a market correction? Well, from the viewpoint of a real estate broker and professionals at Live 30A specializing in 30A real estate…

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At @Live30A, We're pumped to announce Andrew Farmer has joined the Live 30A Real Estate Family! As a Realtor with a unique insight to the vacation rental industry, Andrew brings insight to the table for families and investors. Andrew has been licensed as a Realtor for some time now, and has decided to make the change over to @Live30A -- 30A's hometown real estate brokerage designed to make an impact locally and around the world.

"Did you know? At Live 30A Real Estate we designate and re-invest 25% of company profits to change lives around the world? (and locally too!) 
Read more about how we do this and how you can join the journey too at"

Andrew Farmer, Realtor

Andrew Farmer Live 30A Real Estate

Love Andrew, want to work with him, or…

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At @Live30A, We're stoked to announce Destin Holland has joined the Live 30A Real Estate Family! A long time local, house flipper, and investor with connections all around the area - Destin has been licensed as a Realtor for some time now, and has decided to make the change over to @Live30A -- 30A's hometown real estate brokerage designed to make an impact locally and around the world.

"Did you know? At Live 30A Real Estate we designate and re-invest 25% of company profits to change lives around the world? (and locally too!) 
Read more about how we do this and how you can join the journey too at"

Destin Holland, REaltor

Destin Holland Realtor  Live 30A Real Estae

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If you're counting your blessings here on 30A this Summer for Independence Day, there's so much to celebrate! 30A is a community or "family" of beach towns that embrace community, togetherness, and celebrating the best of life. @ Live 30A, we're here to be your hometown real estate company in South Walton - so much more than just helping with real estate needs, we want to help you "Live 30A" in the best of ways. Celebrate with us by tagging your photos at the beach with #Live30A 

30A Fourth of July 2021 events


Getting Warmed up: July 3rd, 2021 

The night before July 4th this year, there's a handful of great events happening around town - like the iconic "24th Annual Rags to Riches Regatta" in Grayton Beach, where hobie cats race from Grayton Beach (once known as the…

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As our beachside community embarks on yet another epic summer full of Florida sun soakin', fresh cut grass picnics, and ice cold lemonade cheersing, April is the perfect time to plan your adventurous summer with family on 30A! As you're planning your dream vaca getaway or considering a move, you may be pondering what areas are right for you... And what your plans are when you get there? What does a day look like on 30A? Undoubtably, the dozens of public beach accesses have plenty of excitement to offer, but each of our 30A connected towns have a different set of amenities to offer. Think of our 30A towns like snowflakes, there are no 2 exactly alike. 

To help you answer these life-or-death summer fun questions, we’ve teamed up with several local…

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