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If you're newly a Florida resident or property owner, or looking to become one in the near future -- Congratulations and welcome! Florida is one of the most beautiful and sought-after, freedom-filled, relaxing, and easily accessible beach family vacation in the southern United States. It's here on 30A at the beach that so many memories are made, perspectives are changed, and so many of the worries of life seem to melt away. 

That's also why this area is one of the fastest growing counties in all the states, and people have been making their way to living and working at the beach like never before -- and especially in northwest Florida. 

As we venture from a very interesting past 24 months, here's a few fun outlook's and fun predictions to consider…

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Buying your 30A dream vacation home is a beautiful journey to embark on - starting the search, connecting with a 30A Realtor, deep talks with your spouse about what you need most and what matters, thinking about the future memories that you'll make, discovering new opportunities, narrowing down options, and finally selecting the ONE! 

Here below, we take a few minutes to share our professional opinions to help guide you through the 30A real estate market report for July, August, and September 2021. 

Curated 30A Real Estate Market Report Q3

30A East: Inlet Beach, Rosemary Beach, Seacrest Beach, Alys Beach, Seacrest, Watersound Beach, Seagrove, Watercolor, Seaside

30A Market Report Rosemary Beach

30A West: Grayton Beach, Blue Mountain Beach, Gulf Place, Dune Allen Beach

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If You're a Lover of 30A, you've inevitably become curious about the real estate landscape here. Many have foud a place here at the beach, and still many others are looking for their place here among the world's most beautiful beaches, in what we believe is the South's most incredible area. Toss the incredibleness of how Florida has responded in the last 18 months -- and this place is quite the Oasis. 

30A Real estate market live 30A

So. Where has the 30A real estate market been? Where is it at now? and... and big question: where do we see it going? 

Where the 30A Real Estate Market Has Been. 

Over the past few decades, the beaches of South Walton and 30A area have grown exponentially in popularity as they have been discovered. Over the past decade, the 30A area has…

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At @Live30A, We're pumped to announce Andrew Farmer has joined the Live 30A Real Estate Family! As a Realtor with a unique insight to the vacation rental industry, Andrew brings insight to the table for families and investors. Andrew has been licensed as a Realtor for some time now, and has decided to make the change over to @Live30A -- 30A's hometown real estate brokerage designed to make an impact locally and around the world.

"Did you know? At Live 30A Real Estate we designate and re-invest 25% of company profits to change lives around the world? (and locally too!) 
Read more about how we do this and how you can join the journey too at"

Andrew Farmer, Realtor

Andrew Farmer Live 30A Real Estate

Love Andrew, want to work with him, or…

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At @Live30A, We're stoked to announce Destin Holland has joined the Live 30A Real Estate Family! A long time local, house flipper, and investor with connections all around the area - Destin has been licensed as a Realtor for some time now, and has decided to make the change over to @Live30A -- 30A's hometown real estate brokerage designed to make an impact locally and around the world.

"Did you know? At Live 30A Real Estate we designate and re-invest 25% of company profits to change lives around the world? (and locally too!) 
Read more about how we do this and how you can join the journey too at"

Destin Holland, REaltor

Destin Holland Realtor  Live 30A Real Estae

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We are to welcome and announce that Jessica Kriser has joined the Live 30A Real Estate family!

Jessica is kind and gracious and loves helping people. She also has extensive experience in the "behind-the-scenes" of vacation rental management here on 30A, and is a guide for those looking to find their perfect vacation beach house here in South Walton. ⁠She brings to the table tons of local real estate knowledge, including "what it takes" for a 30A home or condo to stand out in the vacation rental market. You can search with Jessica online at

Fun Fact: Jessica served as a luxury vacation rental manager here on 30A for several years. She is also a wonderful mother! 

Jessica Kriser 30A Real Estate Agent Live 30A Real Estate location: Watercolor

Photo by: Little Miss Creative Photography

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Finally being able to purchase "your" beach home on 30A is exciting! Congratulations if you've made it thus far - you've likely worked very hard to get where you are today, and 30A holds a special place in your heart for you and your family. 

Inlet Beach 30A real estate Live 30A


Whether you can pay cash or you're like most of us and will need financing, buying a property here at the beach is a multi-step process - but should go very smoothly if everyone is on the same page and speed. Having a great real estate agent that you connect with (read: vibe with) and communicate well with is key to a making things go as uninterrupted as it should. A good 30A real estate agent, like any with Live 30A, will help your clarify your needs, find the property, research the values, present and…

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We are happy to announce John & Shawna Jacoby have joined the Live 30A Real Estate family! Both bring unique strengths and personalities to the team that we are so excited to have. Please join us in welcoming them - you can share this post, leave a comment, and begin your real estate search with them at and

John and Shawna are a dynamic couple that bring plenty of expertise and local knowledge to the table for their buyers and sellers. When working with them, you can expect to not only have a great experience, but you'll make friends along the way. 

Fun Fact: The Jacoby's have background knowledge in construction, business, and managing vacation rentals at the beach here on 30A. 

The Jacoby team Live 30A Real Estate 30A Realtor

About John: 

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 Love 30A and considering living at the beach instead of vacationing 2-3x per year?

Here's Our Guide to Becoming a Local on 30A

Heads up... It's entirely possible for you to live like a local, 10 minutes or less from the beautiful beaches of 30A. Here's how to make it happen and how others have ditched spending $10-25k+ per year on vacationing to 30A - to Living the 30A lifestyle. 

Inlet beach pier Camp Hellen State Park Live 30A Real Estate

New Business Practices & Work Lifestyles Make Living at the Beach a total Possibility. 

Previously, living at the beach (full time or part time) was reserved for the super wealthy, astute entrepreneurs, remote workers, local service providers, surfers, and beach bums. With COVID-19 changing the working landscape around the world, millions of people have found…

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The First Half of 2020 has been quite the year for real estate here on 30A. In our half-year (Q1 & Q2) Market Report, we detail out a few key indicators of market growth and health - factors that will help you, the buyer or seller, make informed decisions as you narrow down and find your 30A home, condo, or property. 

You'll find the market statistics below, as well an easy-to-read and share graphic, and explainer video if you'd rather listen and watch the beach than read an article. But before we get started - here's a few details you'll need to know... 

The report contains statistics relatively hyper-local to 30A. Meaning only properties south of 98 (does not include north of 98 properties and communities like Watersound Origins and half of Inlet…

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