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You may have heard it through the grapevine. Maybe you've experienced it. Here's the lowdown, a real story, and the actual numbers of what the real estate market on 30A is doing right now...


Summer's Over, the Election has come, and the 30A real estate market is as hot as ever. Here's what we are seeing as agents and brokers, a little logic, and the actual year over year 30A market report numbers below: 

Every day, agents log into the MLS and check the "hot sheet". Usually a few new listings, a similar number of sales, and the world is balanced. But... this is 2020 after all isn't it? For the past few months, the number of listings (30a homes for sale) hitting the market has been steady and strong, but the number of…

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Welcome friends! Live 30A Real Estate is now open for operations here at the beach! 

A special thank you to all those who have played a beautiful part of making this vision come to fruition. First - Thank you Lord! Without you, Jesus, I don't know where I would be. Certainly not here.  Thank you to all the encouraging past buyer-friends, our sellers who have and are trusting us, my beautiful wife @LittleMiss.Creative , the team at @Framework30A for the logo and branding, Jim & Camille Dixon at 30A Escapes for trusting me for so long with their real estate business, and the team of agents who will be joining. Also thank you to @Lovedoes for the inspiration to do something with purpose, and love others in a winsome way. 





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