Every month, we want to highlight a non-profit or ministry that is making a big impact in the world and changing lives for the better. This month, our highlighted non-profit is called “Living Hope Nicaragua” - a ministry that is near and dear to our hearts that is making a big impact in the lives of next generation, families, communities, and the homeless in Leon, Nicaragua. 

What Living Hope Nicaragua Does:

English Classes, Feed the needy, lead the next generation in hope, and support families. 

Living Hope Nicaragua English Program

If you were to visit Living Hope Nicaragua, you would see hundreds of youth and adults alike gathering throughout the week in a school building and in the leaders home, learning English, laughing together, sharing meals and sharing life. A couple times a month, you’d see special events happening of a different sort -- you’d see one group making meals and heading out into the streets to feed and pray for the homeless, and another group gathering together to read and grow together in how to teach, lead, equip, and disciple the next generation of Nicaraguans. 

Living Hope Nicaragua Ministry

Throughout it all, you’d see smiling faces, lives encouraged, hungry bellies being fed, minds being expanded, and futures brightened. 

Teaching English in Nicaragua & why it matters so much: 

For English speakers like you and I, it can be easy to overlook the advantages that come with the language - until you step into another country, and cannot read the signs, the books, the menus, the websites, or most importantly - the people. 

Consider these facts: 

  1. Most educational, business, and Christian books are written in English. 
  2. Most online learning videos and audio books are recorded in English. 
  3. Most online job opportunities (that create much greater wealth) are only available to those who can fluently read, write, and communicate in fluent English. 
  4. Many in-country opportunities to create adequate and sustainable income are only available to those who can read, write, and communicate with good English skills. 

 Living Hope Nicaragua Mercy Program

How you can get involved and make a big impact: 

(Interesting note: For less than the price of a cup of coffee a day, you can impact a life or a family) 

Ways you can learn and help others too...

  • Setup a private or group Spanish class online with the Level 5 English teachers/students of Living Hope Nicaragua. 


And a completely free first step & way to learn more about Living Hope Nicaragua and all the good they are doing -- Follow, like, comment, and share on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 


Living Hope Nicaragua Vision & Mission 


The vision of “Living Hope Nicaragua” is to reach children, youth, and adults empowering them to attain better social, economic, and spiritual lives and in turn reach out to others providing the same empowerment. 


The mission of “Living Hope Nicaragua” is to provide a Christ-centered focus for preparing and equipping those involved in the ministry with the necessary tools to achieve social, economic, and spiritual fulfillment recognizing they are Nicaragua´s future.


How Living Hope Nicaragua & Live 30A Real Estate got connected: 

Jon and Fantasia Lyons have been visiting Leon, Nicaragua since May 2017 and have built a number of friendships and relationships in the city. Aaron, the director of Living Hope Nicaragua is one of Jon’s best friends and they engage in various forms of ministry together. Aaron is a gifted teacher, youth leader, ministry leader, and translator. 

Aaron is assisting with our home building project in Leon, Nicaragua, helps communicate with a family private schooling sponsorship we have, and is currently teaching Jon Spanish every week. 


Live 30A is a supporter of the Living Hope Nicaragua Mercy program


Inspired & Also Love 30A? Every Home Purchase or Sale with Live 30A Real Estate helps support life-giving non-profits like Living Hope Nicaragua and others. 


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