At Live 30A, we want to inspire others to live a life of generosity through taking action and giving when possible. Every month, we take the initiative to find a way to give back and step into an opportunity to love, serve, give, and bless through service and giving locally in Santa Rosa Beach, and internationally through organic connections and relationships. 

With hearts of gratitude, Thank You!

One of the ways our team at @Live30A has chosen to give back and make an impact is supporting some great work being done at a Children's Home in Leon, Nicaragua called Jesus Centered Ministries, or JCM for short. 

Jesus Centered Ministries Nicaragua

It's here, that children with short and long term medical needs from all over the country find the love, support, and help they need. Specializing in children who have developmental challenges - the home over time has also become a place of full-time care and attention. Run by a lovely couple who have been serving full time in this capacity for 20+ years, we encountered this wonderful organization in 2018 on a previous mission trip to Nicaragua and fell in love. Today, we support this ministry and…

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We founded Live 30A Real Estate for the "greater purpose" of impacting lives locally and around the world. We are a real estate company here not only to help families "Live here on 30A", but to invite them into the adventure and passion of "living" to helping others "live".

Here's a short video sharing our why, our purpose, and a little of the impact we are having together with some terrific organizations. 


My name is Jon Lyons, I am the co-broker and founder of Live 30A Real Estate here in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. We started Live 30A with the dream and vision of helping families buy their family's 30A beach home AND impacting lives in the process, both locally and internationally.  We believe South Walton is one of…

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The 30A Real Estate Market Is HOT. 

You're A Buyer. You Have Questions, Concerns, etc. Live 30A is here to help. Keep Reading. 

When the 30A real estate market is moving fast and is hot, there's a few things you as a buyer can be doing to make sure you're offer is a good and you'll be able to get the property that you've been dreaming about for family get togethers, financial reasons, and extra beach vacation time. Here's our quick list of a few things you can do. Oh and PS - there's a Realtor saying that stands mostly true... sometimes a buyer needs to "miss out" on a few homes before they "get serious". That's happening all the time now. 


30A Real Estate Market

#1.) Be Extra Prepared. 

- One of the big factors in making an offer is timing. When you have a…

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Around the world, international travel has come to nearly a screeching halt. But the needs for those in need have increased dramatically. So what can we do?

A local ministry, Twelve Churches, has come up with a creative solution by partnering with on-the-ground help in Nicaragua to supply much-needed food to families with tremendous need. 

It's a simple opportunity to make a impactful change.

100% of your $75 donation purchases enough food and basic supplies to drastically improve the food quality and basic living hygiene for a family of 4 in this time of need. 

For example: Instead of morsels of bread and ground-corn water, children can have eggs, rice, beans, fruits, and a few veggies - supplying vital nutrients to grow and develop…

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Set out to help others, The Faces of Walton County is fun community service that highlights individuals and their unique stories and services in the 30A / South Walton community. They help voices be heard, new entrepreneurs get a little exposure, and local humble heroes be known.

The Faces of Walton County Steely Group Live 30A

Each month or so, they sit down with someone in the community here that has been "nominated" by a friend, co-worker, or just someone who thinks their story needs to be known. They get to know the person, make friends, ask questions big and small, share laughs and help connect the community to the nominee -- creating valuable exposure and forging community connections that otherwise wouldn't be present. 

The well-read, published articles on their site, social media…

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When buying a home or condo on 30A, it's commonplace to make a few personal updates, repaint, or go for a full-out renovation to bring in 2020 comforts and trends. When you're getting rid of those older pieces, goods, or furniture - consider donating those items to a local Thrift Shop that's making an impact in the local community. (Some will even come and pickup the items if you cannot deliver)

Where to Donate your Goods, Furniture, etc. Near 30A 

Thirft shops 30a

Haven House Thrift Shop

- A multi-faceted addiction recovery ministry that employs the men that are succeeding through their programs. See more on their website here. 

Caring and Sharing of South Walton

- Helps feed the hungry, provide assistance for low-income families with children, paying…

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 Live 30a Quarterly Impact Header


Hey friends! Your impact in Live 30A has come together beautifully these last few months. This report is our very first, and we are honored to both work with you and partner with you in supporting those in need. 

In this season, I've learned that people are more generous than I ever knew and I've grown in so many ways launching a real estate company with the bigger picture of giving back. I'm so grateful for the outpouring of support, the great team of agents who have partnered with the mission, the wisdom and ideas they bring, and for your trust in us to help you enjoy life on 30A.  

Here are some of your impacts below...  The PDF downloadable version can be found here

Jon Lyons



The how and…

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 Every month, we want to highlight a non-profit or ministry that is making a big impact in the world and changing lives for the better. This month, our highlighted non-profit is called “Living Hope Nicaragua” - a ministry that is near and dear to our hearts that is making a big impact in the lives of next generation, families, communities, and the homeless in Leon, Nicaragua. 

What Living Hope Nicaragua Does:

English Classes, Feed the needy, lead the next generation in hope, and support families. 

Living Hope Nicaragua English Program

If you were to visit Living Hope Nicaragua, you would see hundreds of youth and adults alike gathering throughout the week in a school building and in the leaders home, learning English, laughing together, sharing meals and sharing life. A couple…

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Thank you & congrats to all of our buyer friends looking for their 30A home or condo this Spring 2020! We are as excited as you are - and look forward to handing you the keys at the closing table. 


Along the journey and transitioning from a "looker" to an "owner", we understand there are plenty of questions and uncertainties that need to be addressed. Our Live 30A agents are here to help gather the answers you need, and walk you smoothly through the path to 30A ownership process. We also understand you have options when it comes to choosing a 30A real estate company & realtor to work with, so thank you for working with Live 30A! 


A Few 30A Buyer Questions You're Probably Having Right Now (Along with a few of our thoughts & answers) 

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