As we roll into Spring 2021, the 30A lifestyle is attracting more buyers than ever who now have the opportunity to purchase their beach retreat in South Walton.
At Live 30A, we love empowering our buyers and sellers with the information needed to make great decisions for their family, budget, timing, and lifestyle. That's why here you'll find relevant 30A market data year-over-year to help get an understanding for how the market is moving is right now, and how to make great decisions. 

Here you'll Find:

  • Q1 2021 Market Report for 30A -- (Inlet Beach, Rosemary Beach, Alys Beach, Seacrest, Watersound Beach, Seagrove, Watercolor, Seaside, Grayton Beach, Blue Mountain, and Dune Allen Beach)
  • Our thoughts as 30A real estate professionals who care deeply about our community and people on what's happening in the 30A market and the driving factors. 

30A Market Report Q1 2021 live 30a

What's happening in the 30A market: "Transition"

As life, business, and vacationing has changed over the past year or so -- many families have now found themselves in the favorable position of working remotely, vacationing more often, and investing in their families future a little differently than before. 
Here in South Walton, the 30A area offers much more than just beautiful beaches and homes.... it offers a lifestyle. A lifestyle that favors families being together, the outdoors, your health, community, and so much more. Here - people are moving and investing ultimately to build a legacy for their families. 
As families discover and re-discover this area with the increased mobility from cities all over the southern united states, 30A home sales each month since spring 2020 have doubled year-over-year and inventory has been cut down as things are selling out. As a supply & demand principle, this leads to price increases, multiple offers, and low inventory. 
These past 12+ months since the start of the Covid-era have also lead to the sale of a number of record-breaking sales along 30A - including a Live 30A sale for $14,000,000 -- which was the highest on 30A at the time. Since then, there have been multiple gulf-front 30A homes sold all the way up to $16.9m (This one was in Alys Beach) 
So as we move forward into 2021 and beyond, what can we expect as this market "transition" occurs? We'll, looking forward with limited clarity - it appears that the 30a real estate market is growing based on a number of very legitimate factors -- the greatest of these being that the population now fundamentally does life and business differently than ever before - remote working, video meetings, freedom of schedule, and new types of jobs. And as demand for owning in one of the most beautiful places in the world stays high -- we can expect this area to continually grow and have prices rise that are closer to other luxury markets around the US. So what's the other driving factors? See below. 

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The driving factors to the 30A Real Estate Market Growth

  • South Walton / 30A offers some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.
  • For those who can afford it and love it, 30A is "the beach" for those who live in Taxas, Tenessee, North Carolina, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Missouri, Illinois, Virginia, Georgia, Alabama, and Louisiana. (And is also drivable in one day + often has a direct flight) 
  • The available land/homes here is very low compared to the number of potential buyers in the cities mentioned above. 
  • The lifestyle available here on 30A is unique & highly sought after. 
  • This area is all about healthy lifestyle with plenty of outdoor activities, natural & organic foods, health conscious, etc.
  • Covid changes have allowed people to work remotely, allowing them to spend more time where they vacation and love.
  • Many of the homes here provide both short and long term investment return opportunities with vacation renting, long term renting, holding, etc. 
  • Lack of local jobs has previously limited people from investing here, with things like remote work/video, etc. this opens up the opportunity. 
  • Interest rates are extremely low.
  • The capital investment into this area, the infrastructure, and level of homes is growing a ton. Communities are expanding amenities, the county is planning on road and mobility expansions, and developers/builders are building homes of quality and size not seen in this market before. 

Our thoughts on the market as real estate professionals who care deeply about our people and community. 

At @Live30A, we love all the things that makes 30A so special that everyone loves -- and we advocate for keeping it that way. We love seeing people discover  and fall in love with this area for the first time and to see others realize their longtime dream of owning a property here at the beach. But we also feel the pain of seeing some development where there use to be none, small homes replaced with really big ones, and old sandy beach trails turned into developments. 
As we move forward in 2021 and beyond, we believe this area will continue to keep the "30A" DNA that we all have come to know and love -- and also gain more homes, but with it also more local mom-and-pop restaurants, shops, amenities, organic markets, and the things we love so much. 
And -- it's fun to remember, they aren't making and more land :) 

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