Have you been watching the 30A real estate market? If so, congratulations! This is one of the most beautiful and sought after places in the southern United States not only for owning a private vacation home or vacation rental, but now - also to live and enjoy life on a whole new level. 

Along your curious journey of exploring the 30A real estate market, you've likely got plenty of questions and no doubt need some quality answers from a real estate professional who specializes in the 30A and South Walton markets - @Live30A, that's our bread and butter. Below, you'll find notes, facts, data, and thoughts from your favorite 30A real estate company, Live 30A Real Estate. 

Curated 30A Market Report | Spring - Summer 2021

As we peer into the market reports and data for the 30a market, you'll see that 2021 is playing out to be the most active real estate year yet on 30A. While it's true that inventory is low, it's notable that more properties are coming on the market than ever before (+34%). It's just that the number of sales occurring also happens to be pacing at 104%. So as you're looking at purchasing a property, you'll find plenty of options - but not ones that will last long. To be a buyer in the current market, you'll want to connect with a trusted, proactive 30A real estate professional like our agents at Live 30A

So far this year, the real estate market has been busier than the start of last year (and last year was extremely active after rental/travel bans were lifted) - with the number of homes, condos, and townhomes currently selling at a pace of 2x over 2020. *It's important to note that year over year data at this point also factors in the temporary "slow down" from Covid travel and rental bans. 

As we look at the number of contracts written so far this year, we can see into the "future" 30-60 days, and we can see that current properties under contract year over year is up 141% over last year, or about 2.5x year over year pending contracts thus far. 

As you search the 30A real estate market for homes, you'll notice about 84% less homes on the market at any given time than this time last year -- again, this isn't because there aren't options coming available or the market is stagnant - it's actually the opposite, so much is coming on the market, but so much more is going. 

Grayton Beach paddle boarding

While the above is focusing on the homes, condos, and townhomes of 30A - what about Land? We're glad you asked... 

In South Walton, this is home to the area so well known as "30A" -- the strip of beaches and beach land nestled along the coast and flanked by tons of state forest land, un-buildable lowlands, and state parks like Topsail State Park, Grayton Beach State Park, and Point Washington State Forest. We mention this because there is only a limited amount of developable land on 30A -- and certainly only a small amount of beachfront land that exists. As the "30A" area has gained popularity over the years, and St. Joe has developed places like: Watercolor, Watersound Beach, and others -- and places like Alys Beach, and Rosemary Beach have popped up -- the area is already by far more developed than not (meaning there is no more room for another planned urban development community like Seaside or Seacrest Beach

There's been a big activity on land around 30A, as so many are dreaming of building their families beach home. In fact, year over year, the number of land purchases on 30A have almost tripled. Right now, there are about 30% less lots available on the market - but again, this isn't because there's not activity - there's more than 50% more 30A homesites coming on the market this year on average. If you're in the market for a lot, expect to pay between $300-550k and up, depending on the location, potential views, amenities, and community. 


What Can I Expect Summer 2021 If I Want To Buy A Property On 30A? 

Summer 2021 on 30A, we can reasonably expect the sales trends to continue here on 30A as the weather heats up and dreams of beach days with family become a reality for those who will be vacationing this year here at the beach. As people are in town renting, ideas of owning grow legs and curiosity becomes interest and sales tend to pickup near the end of summer and early fall on that second visit. 

Blue Mountain Beach homes for sale

If you are serious about ownership on 30A, you'll want to prepare your financials and prepare mentally, and prepare by connecting with your @Live30A trusted agent who can guide you based on your specific and unique buying needs. 

You Can Expect Right Now as a Buyer to Need These 3 Things:

#1.) To offer near, at, or above asking price depending on the property.

#2.) To offer quickly, strong, and offer with a clean offer. (An "unclean" offer would be asking for extra items, extra work, extra timeframes, having a home to sell contingency, etc.) 

#3.) To know what you want, and why you want it. While you're in the mix of making offers - it can become (especially for the guys) a game of wanting to "win". In these moments, it's important to know when to walk away - but also to know the long-term of getting a home that is the right fit, and the right time for your families needs and what is best for you we find it. 


If you're A Ready 30A Buyer - Let's get connected, Simply begin your search on Live30A.com or connect with a trusted 30A specialized agent here. 


I have a House on 30A - Is Now A Good time to Sell? 

If you're a homeowner already on 30A, congrats! We know from statistics, that on-average, 30A homeowners like to trade properties every 3-5 years to adapt to new family and financial situations. While you're likely to net a gain if you sell, the decision should be based more on the question - am I living or owning the house I want to own? Perhaps you're ready to finally purchase that bigger house with more views closer to the water, or you're deciding to downsize to a more personal home - either way, there are great personal reasonings behind both - and we are here to help. While it can be temping to sell because you saw what you're neighbor sold their house for, we encourage you to ask the bigger questions of life before making the decision. We are seeing many who have the inkling to sell, but love their homes to much. Which makes us happy too. 


If You Are Making The Decision To Sell Your 30A Home, Let's Connect And See How Much Your Home Is Worth And Create A Strategy For Your Next Move.


The 30A Real Estate Market Is Fun, But What's New To 30A This Year? 

  • The Citizen, Alys Beach (Restaurant) 

  • The Grove 30A, Blue Mountain Beach (Restaurant) 

  • Scratch Biscuit Kitchen, Watercolor (Restaurant) 

  • North Beach Social, Santa Rosa Beach (Restaurant and cool place to bring the family)  

  • Have a big heart for helping others, and also love 30A? - Checkout @Give30A on Instagram (Non-profit)

    Give 30A

Did you know? Live 30A Real Estate loves making an impact. We've seen firsthand how a little opportunity, education, and love-in-action can impact lives for generations - that's why we invest 25% of our profits into doing just that. You can learn more on our Purpose & Mission page

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