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One of the ways our team at @Live30A has chosen to give back and make an impact is supporting some great work being done at a Children's Home in Leon, Nicaragua called Jesus Centered Ministries, or JCM for short. 

Jesus Centered Ministries Nicaragua

It's here, that children with short and long term medical needs from all over the country find the love, support, and help they need. Specializing in children who have developmental challenges - the home over time has also become a place of full-time care and attention. Run by a lovely couple who have been serving full time in this capacity for 20+ years, we encountered this wonderful organization in 2018 on a previous mission trip to Nicaragua and fell in love. Today, we support this ministry and…

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In 2021 was a fast-paced year for the 30A area and real estate market, many families choosing to finally make the move from vacationer to property owner, and many re-investing here at the beach for short and long term financial goals. Still, many more enjoying the freedoms found here in our state afforded by our wonderful Governor. 

Here, we want to take a few moments to spell out some of the notable insights from the past year as a service and value for our buyers and sellers here at Live 30A Real Estate

2021 Annual Review SNAPSHOT | 30A Real Estate Market 

30A Home, Condo, Townhome, and land sales

*30A south of hwy 98 only & % Change Year-over-Year.

  • Number of Properties Sold: +7.8% @ 2,368
  • Average Sold Price: +24.7% @…

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If you're newly a Florida resident or property owner, or looking to become one in the near future -- Congratulations and welcome! Florida is one of the most beautiful and sought-after, freedom-filled, relaxing, and easily accessible beach family vacation in the southern United States. It's here on 30A at the beach that so many memories are made, perspectives are changed, and so many of the worries of life seem to melt away. 

That's also why this area is one of the fastest growing counties in all the states, and people have been making their way to living and working at the beach like never before -- and especially in northwest Florida. 

As we venture from a very interesting past 24 months, here's a few fun outlook's and fun predictions to consider…

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Fall here at the beach is an incredibly mild & comfortable time of year, perfect for beach bonfires, beach days, and camping here! (Yes, there's amazing camping opportunities here in South Walton) - And over the past 18 months or so, the real estate market here has been something for the books: An incredible amount of sales, value growth, and new developments have sprouted up for the growing demand. Fueled by an incredible white-sandy beach, quick access for southern cities, viable rental income opportunity, long-range outlook of valuation, and a beautifully free state (thanks, Governor) - The Florida Panhandle, and especially the South Walton area (were iconic "30A" is located) has become a beautiful opportunity for families to invest in their legacy. 

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One of the many beautiful things about South Walton is the community and lifestyle that is cultivated and celebrated - from gathering together to do beautiful things, to great food, amazing beaches, and plenty of outdoor activities and opportunities. In the future, we'll highlight many of the outdoor activities and running trails, fitness paths, etc. around the area - but today, we're highlighting Rosemary Beach and the 2.3 Mile Rosemary Beach Fitness Path. 

The Rosemary Fitness Path: 2.3 Miles

Rosemary Beach Fitness Path

Winding through and around the Rosemary Beach homes and condos, the 2.3 mile fitness path reveals hidden trails and multiple workout stations and stops. 

Love Rosemary Beach? Enjoying Searching and Discovering the Rosemary Beach Real Estate…

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Here at @Live30A, we love great coffee, building community, and living a bit adventurously. That's why this week, we're excited to highlight one of our favorite 30A coffee shops, Kith & Kin 30A. Located on the far-west-end of 30A in Dune Allen Beach @ Topsail Hill Preserve State Park camp store - the coffee shop is a hip and friendly spot where community gathers, locals love it, and so many friendships have been cultivated. Easily accessible off of 30A (Google Map location here)

Kith and Kin 30A coffee

What Kith & Kin 30A Coffee is Known For and Great For:

Delicious Amavida brand Coffee.

Amazing breakfast treats and bites via Blue Mountain Bakery.

A great spot to meet with a friend or a small group.

Warm, friendly environment and cool style.

Great spot to…

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No doubt, Alys Beach is one of 30A's most iconic, beautiful, and luxurious beach towns with much, much more to come.
Here's some fun facts, things to do, and some real estate opportunities for you in Alys Beach.

Alys Beach Live 30A Real Estate

Fun Alys beach Facts: 

  • Alys Beach is Iconicized by stark-white architecture, strong butteries standing guard on the edges of town, towering palms lining the streets, and the first community in the world to be entirely built to "Fortified... for safer living" standards.
  • Growing fast and still less than 1/2 built-out, Alys Beach is a Planned Urban Development (PUD) by Duany-Plater-Zyberk (DPZ) that will be roughly twice the size of Seaside when finished.
  • The town architects Koury-Vogt Architects were the first residents in…

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If You're a Lover of 30A, you've inevitably become curious about the real estate landscape here. Many have foud a place here at the beach, and still many others are looking for their place here among the world's most beautiful beaches, in what we believe is the South's most incredible area. Toss the incredibleness of how Florida has responded in the last 18 months -- and this place is quite the Oasis. 

30A Real estate market live 30A

So. Where has the 30A real estate market been? Where is it at now? and... and big question: where do we see it going? 

Where the 30A Real Estate Market Has Been. 

Over the past few decades, the beaches of South Walton and 30A area have grown exponentially in popularity as they have been discovered. Over the past decade, the 30A area has…

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30A "Fall 2021 Bucket List" For Family and Friends

As summer effectively ends after Labor Day Weekend, and fall officially starts September 22 ~ 30A just gets more and more beautiful, comfortable, and amazing all around. The water is warm, all the lines have shortened from the summer craze, and all the locals know that one of the most incredible times of the year on 30A is here -- September and October. Cooler temperatures begin to roll in, the humidity begins to roll out, and bonfires start to dot the beaches all over again. And to all our friends, families, and real estate friends -- here's @Live30A's "Fall 2021 Bucket List" for things you HAVE to try...

It's no wonder that the fall time on 30A is a favorite time of the year for family photos,…

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A Note to All Interested 30A Real Estate Buyers: These Next 30-60 Days may be one of the best opportunities we have seen to purchase a home in the past 18 months. 

Since the opening of Florida vacation rentals (after COVID showed up) the 30A real estate market has gone on a bull run for a number of reasons as people migrate around the country, seek freedom, re-invest monies, and see investment opportunity - and the future of this area's real estate looks strong as this market is transitioning from a little collection of beach town's to the South's premier vacation and second home haven.

Here's the deal. 

Listing homes over the past 18 months has been interesting, because at first -buyers were over-running the market and bidding up the…

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