As our beachside community embarks on yet another epic summer full of Florida sun soakin', fresh cut grass picnics, and ice cold lemonade cheersing, April is the perfect time to plan your adventurous summer with family on 30A! As you're planning your dream vaca getaway or considering a move, you may be pondering what areas are right for you... And what your plans are when you get there? What does a day look like on 30A? Undoubtably, the dozens of public beach accesses have plenty of excitement to offer, but each of our 30A connected towns have a different set of amenities to offer. Think of our 30A towns like snowflakes, there are no 2 exactly alike. 

To help you answer these life-or-death summer fun questions, we’ve teamed up with several local…

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As a team, we say a big THANK YOU to Sowal for sharing an article about who we are & the purpose driving what we do at Live30A! Check out the kind article HERE. 

We're grateful for this team who is dedicated to making meaningful relationships through serving clients in the real estate community while making a difference in the lives of others! ⁠If you don't know, Sowal is a phenomenal local news and forum site that connects the community with everything happening in South Walton, 30a and beyond. 


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It's that time of year that warms our hearts again, Thanksgiving on the coast! For those of us who adore our local chefs and opt into dining locally, the options are endless on 30a. Our excellent friend Shawna, at Live 30a, has compiled a list of the most sought after holiday dining experiences that are sure to create long lasting memories.


Photo Source: Cuvee 30a

Dining out:

- Cuvee 30a - Cafe Thirty A - Old Florida Fish House  - Stinky's Fish Camp -The Perfect Pig - The Pearl - Havana Beach Bar and Grill


Photo Source: Old Florida Fish House


Private Dining:

- Chef Holbrook with Signature Catering 30a - Chef Gordaux - Swiftly Catered - Marrow Private…

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Attention local & vacationing lovers… we’ve got plans for you here in the heart of Watercolor, FL!

Sometimes the best experiences are right under our noses, but it takes a little creativity and thoughtfulness to put together the perfect day with the one you love. Our team at Live30a has compiled a custom experience for an upscale date night in Watercolor, FL that is sure to set your mind at ease and invigorate you while you intentionally deepen your relationships this fall!
Photo Source:  Married couples can even forget to date their spouse. Life gets busy, then a couple weeks go by without shutting down the daily tasks of life and completely checking in with one another to focus on relationship...…

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The 30A Real Estate September Numbers are out!

Properties Pending (under contract) are up 108% over September last year. 223 under contract.

Properties Sold (closed) are up 106% over September last year. 259 closed. 

Average Sale Price (sold properties) is up about 20% over September last year. Just over $1.25m

Properties are selling faster than I've ever seen them. Absorption Rate 3.53 Months. 

The number of 30A Homes for sale / available are down significantly.

The number of 30a properties sold are is up drastically.

The average 30a home for sale price is up quite a bit



What does this mean?


If you are like many, moving to the beach or buying your beach home on 30A has become a real possibility in 2020 due to…

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One question we've all asked ourselves at some point in 2020 is:  "How can I make the most of this new #socialdistanced world I live in?"

Much of the world is facing new and uncharted difficulties within their daily home & work routines. Masking up, avoiding hugs, postponing travel, and adjusting as much as possible to all the latest rules and recommendations takes intention and energy. One thing we could all use more of regardless is intentional time outdoors in stillness and solitude, breathing in the fresh air.  Many have taken the path of least resistance this year... You know, the path of (dun, dun, dun) endless mindless scrolling on social media platform fix of choice. Cough Cough* Guilty here, too! But what IS the path that is…

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Let your mind wander off to that favorite place of yours you had as a kid. The place you felt you could really be yourself. The place you felt safest and most at home. The place you could come to life exploring. The place where the world seemed to slow down and life was simple. When you think of THIS place you find your mind carried away with wonder and all of the sudden a few minutes have passed. When you think of THIS place, your memories seem to play as a slow motion reel on an old projector screen. Where is THIS place for you? 

For many, THAT place is Seaside, Florida, a favorite thriving coastal community not far west of Panama City Beach. 

Photo Credit: Nick Zimmerman of Keen Light Creative

Plenty of towns shout for attention up and down the…

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Today we're going to address a life or death issue on 30a... GOOD FOOD! We all know that our local community is known for its (drumroll)  BEACHES primarily, but our coastal community has sooooooo much more to offer than that. 30a is home to some of the worlds BEST chefs and creative outdoor vibe dining! 30a takes the dining experience to a new level.

You're probably familiar with the vintage airstream row in the heart of Seaside, Bud and Alley's epic sunset views... but let's introduce some other nearby favs that may not already be on your restaurant radar! Especially some of the newer joints. Maybe this will give you just one more reason to plan your next vaca. We all need a good solid reminder to hit the reset button and chill from life's business,…

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Woohoo! Time for an update on our team impact for Q2 (April - June 2020) ... An exciting season it has been. 2020 is panning out to be a year when we are learning now more than ever, that no matter the inconveniences that life may throw at us, (cough, cough... COVID!) we can still make a difference and continue to find creative ways to bless others. 

 Serving our local community through real estate on 30A allows us to directly distribute 20% profits with the purpose of helping those in need across the globe - currently focusing in Leon, Nicaragua, where we have developed long term friendships and partnerships over the years.

30% of the population in Nicaragua is living on less than $2 a day... As we can imagine, this makes having basic…

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