We are very excited to announce Lyndon Jackson to the Live 30A family! 

Lyndon Jackson is a longtime local, business owner, and professional photographer bringing crucial, creative (and fun) behind-the-scenes knowledge of the area to the table for every customer and client. You can search real estate with Lyndon, or refer a client to him at Lyndon.Live30a.com

Nicknamed "The Judge" - don't let the look fool you. Although Lyndon is absolutely serious about his business and relationships, you'll find an easy-to-like and enjoyable character full of good laughs at the surface. 

Lyndon Jackson, Live 30A Real Estate

Lyndon and his wife, Caroline have two beautiful children and live near the bay just a few minutes north of 30A. They love working together, raising a family, traveling,…

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We are very excited to announce that Mark and Tracy are joining the Live 30A family! 

Together, they are a dynamic couple with years of local real estate expertise, contract negotiation, and friendliness! Operating as "The Steely Group"  together, Mark and Tracy are a blast to work with. You can visit their website and search for property with them, refer them, etc. at SteelyGroup.Live30A.com

 The Steely Group Live 30A Real Estate

Upon meeting Tracy Steely, you'll immediately notice her kind demeanor, and servant at heart attitude. Filled with excitement for life and vigor to do her very best, working with / befriending Tracy is not only a joy - but also a great choice for any real estate buyer/seller. 

 And side-by-side, you'll get to know Mark! An essential key to the…

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Every Weekend, Live 30A Real Estate posts the best properties to Hit the 30A market, change price, come back online, market insight, communities behind the scene information, and more. 


This week, we have properties all across 30A from an awesome little studio condo above Sunrise Coffee in Gulf Place, to a condo overlooking Seaside's amphitheater, to a few great properties in Watercolor (including one on Sandhill Circle - where the frogs are shooting water into the community pool), to a large private home over $5,000,000 sitting south of 30A on one of the ultra-rare Coastal Dune Lakes of 30A. 


You can view the select properties here. 

Note: simply login with your email if prompted, or via social login. 



The photo below is…

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Rosemary Beach Real Estate Market Report & Trends

The 30a real estate market is beautiful and unique, crowned to the east with Rosemary Beach as a longtime favorite among vacationers, lucky buyers, and locals alike. This is your source for real estate market information for Rosemary Beach, from a team you can trust. Each month, we post market updates, raw data, insider info, updates on developments, our thoughts as local experts, and more. Want to see additonal info or have questions about Rosemary Beach? Leave us a comment down below, write us on social media, or give any of our special agents a shout.  ~ Live simply. Give Generously. Live 30A. 


October 2019

  • 52 Properties on the Market (39 Homes, 13 Condos) 
  • 13 Properties under…

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FAQ Quick Reference for our 30A Buyers


As a potential or future 30A home buyer, you naturally will have a few (read: many) questions. As experienced real estate agents, we can help. Here's a quick FAQ + Answer column that will help clear the air a little bit for you. 

How expensive are property taxes here? 

- Overall, cheaper than many other states and areas. Most of our clients are surprised at the affordability of the property taxes. Example: a $1,000,000 home property taxes will likely be around $6,000-8,000 per year. *Note: When purchasing a property, you should not rely 100% on the previous years taxes paid amount, but only as a reference. A purchase will trigger a re-assessment of taxes, likely resulting in higher taxes.

Is home…

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The Real Estate "Hot Spots" of 30A | Fall 2019

 Watercolor Live 30A Real Estate


30A is one of the most beautiful and sought-after beach vacation real estate markets in the US, for good reason. Incredible family environment, beaches, architecture, towns & communities, to name a few. 


Here's the low-down on the sub-areas of "30A" that are among the hottest and most sought-after fall 2019. *These are the areas that are developing beautifully, show opportunity for better-than-average investment, future growth, and/or are quickly selling out for obvious reasons. 



  • South of 30A
  • Gulf Front Properties
  • Blue Mountain (especially south of 30A)
  • Seagrove Beach (South of 30A and Beachwood Drive area)
  • Dune Allen Beach + Gulf Place area
  • Alys Beach

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Welcome friends! Live 30A Real Estate is now open for operations here at the beach! 

A special thank you to all those who have played a beautiful part of making this vision come to fruition. First - Thank you Lord! Without you, Jesus, I don't know where I would be. Certainly not here.  Thank you to all the encouraging past buyer-friends, our sellers who have and are trusting us, my beautiful wife @LittleMiss.Creative , the team at @Framework30A for the logo and branding, Jim & Camille Dixon at 30A Escapes for trusting me for so long with their real estate business, and the team of agents who will be joining. Also thank you to @Lovedoes for the inspiration to do something with purpose, and love others in a winsome way. 





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