When you “invest” in buying a property on 30A, you’re investing into so much more than a piece of real estate. You’re investing into time well spent, a more relaxing future, your family, an iconic community, and a lifestyle. 

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Here's 5 Reasons to "invest" your Money in 30A Real Estate


Rarity and Demand of Real Estate 

  • In real estate location is everything. Remember… location, location, location. 30A is the stretch of beach between Topsail Hill State Park on the edge of Miramar Beach and Camp Helen State Park on the edge of Panama City Beach. What makes this special is three-fold:

  1. The area isn’t Destin or Panama City Beach, but a special place where artists, restaurateurs, promising architects, and crafty builders alike gathered to create someplace special and unique. On 30A, you won’t find 30 story condo towers, big chain businesses, or many tract home developments - rather, you’ll find a place that has been protected since the 80’s from any development over 50 feet tall, mom and pop shops, artist colonies, local legends of music, beautiful architecture and communities that flows together with the environment. 

  2. What makes 30A real estate rare are the protective and relatively high dune bluffs, the ultra-rare Coastal Dune Lakes that flow in-and-out of the Gulf of Mexico, and the surrounding State Parks, State Forests, and unbuildable areas. 

  3. 30A is “the place” where many of the affluent of the southern cities (and some Northern and Mid-Western cities too now!) choose to vacation and invest in vacation rental homes to make memories with families, friends, and the like. 


Double Potential for Income (Equity + Vacation Rental Income) 

  • Whenever you purchase real estate, there is usually an opportunity to make some rental income (or at least cover expenses) and then, hopefully make some money when you decide to sell down the road. Here on 30A, we enjoy the same - but potentially in a more beautiful way. Let me explain: This area, “30A” (or “South Walton” more broadly), typically demands higher rental rates (apples to apples) and higher dollar per foot sales prices than surrounding and competing areas… so… what does this mean? and why would that be good? 

  1. Areas that charge more for rental rates and have higher home values (for good reason - as we believe 30A is awesome) attract buyers and renters that have higher discretionary income… i.e. the ones that will have discretionary income for family memories at the beach on 30A even in market fluctuations.

  2. Here on 30A, we enjoy a market that is strong on values, strong in vacation rental income, and strong in long term rental income -- so, in purchasing a property here, you can enjoy the potential to make income or “pivot” your asset to fit your needs -- Buy and hold; buy, improve, sell; buy and vacation rent; or buy and long term rent (1 month plus); or a combination. 

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Enjoyment of Asset & Usable for Family

  • Investing is fun. Seeing your investment grow is exciting. But making practical use of it, creating lifelong memories together with it, and enjoying it are the things that will make an impact over the long haul when it comes to family and the things that really matter. Buying a property here on 30A is so much more than just a “real estate investment” - you’re buying into a lifestyle, a culture - you’re buying usable freedom, an asset that can generate income, and the ability to take more vacations - or send a family member, or a best friend on a vacation they otherwise couldn’t afford - or a business perk that costs you minimal (given that the vacation week you provided isn’t super popular), or donation to that charity or cause that you love so much (raffling a week’s vacation at your place, etc.) 


Easy to Own and Manage (When you use a home manager) 

  • One of the biggest reasons that some people in the past have shy’ed away from investing and owning real estate is the “hands on” nature of being an owner. Here on 30A, you have the relative flexibility to be as involved or not involved as you like - depending on the vacation rental company that you choose. (Ask us for a list of vacation rental companies that we recommend) Owning a vacation rental income producing property here on 30A can be easier than ever - ranging from full self-management to relative hands off “please send me a check monthly” kind of ownership. 


30A is Still a Developing Market with So Much Promise!

Sure, a couple homes on 30A date back to the 1890’s - and Seaside was started a few decades ago -- and yes, the “30A brand” stickers are everywhere… but anyone who has been watching closely knows that “30A” is still developing into what it will be. A few indicators we can look at to see this is true (and a few places you might consider investing) 

  1. Alys Beach and Kaiya Beach Resort are bringing a level of luxury and construction to 30A that is second to none. The Alys Beach Owners Club is big and beautiful - set to open Summer 2020. 

  2. The St. Joe Beach Club at Watersound Beach has just undergone improvements in service and capacity. 

  3. The Watercolor Community Beach Club is expanding and improving. Phase 1 is complete, and phase 2 is well underway. Last year, Camp Watercolor was beautifully “revamped”

  4. Seaside, 30A’s first “Planned Urban Development” (PUD) is experiencing a renovation push and more new construction going on than I have ever seen. Search Seaside 30A Properties

  5. Gulf front properties all over 30A are being purchased, especially vacant lots and older, smaller homes - to make way for large, luxury $10M+ value homes.  Search Gulf Front 30A Properties

  6. The “West End” of 30A - Grayton Beach, Blue Mountain Beach, and Dune Allen Beach -- largely untouched by large development, is becoming a hot spot for building new and renovating older homes to 2020 standards. 

  7. St. Joe (developer of Watersound, Watercolor, etc. and owner of much land in South Walton) is beginning development of the Watersound Origins town center at the intersection of Watersound Beach Parkway and Hwy 98 -- an area that will house a Publix shopping center, business center, outdoor activities, and more. Nearby, this area will also eventually house a Hospital and a MAGNET High School -- all serving the immediate communities of Watersound Origins, Rosemary Beach, Alys Beach, Inlet Beach, Watersound Beach, Seacrest, and nearby. 

  8. 30A is “the vacation spot” for the lucky ones in Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Missouri, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, and others. 

  9. And on top of all this, Walton County, Florida (where South Walton and 30A are located within) is boasting one of the fastest growth rates in the entire US. 



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