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Rolling into 2021 some serious momentum, 2020 was a heck of a year for so many who love 30A and the real estate market as a whole. And as we've stepped into the new year, plenty of factors are at play influencing people's thought of mind and strategy - historical, political, governmental, economical, etc. etc. etc., but everyone's asking the same question: 

How is the 30A real estate market going to look in 2021? 

Well, time will tell - but if the first couple weeks of the year are any type of indicator, the year is going to be another one for the books. Here's the numbers we're seeing so far just 14 days in vs. the previous year (2020)

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Here's how the First 14 Days of 2020 is Stacking Up VS. The First 14 Days of 2019 



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That's a rap. 2020 is done, and so many are thankful for it. But in the year, let's not forget that so many blessings unfolded. Many made the move to the beach, moms and dads gained work freedom that will lead to healthier family time, and many of us have taken the time to reflect on the things that are more important that just another dollar. Here, the team at Live 30A has provided a reflection on the wildly-active real estate market here on 30A in 2020 including numbers, and an opinion of the what, why, and what to look for in 2021.


2020 Real Estate Market Report 30A Live 30A

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A Deeper Look at the Numbers in the

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Happy New Years Eve to all those reading this, and thank you to all those who have trusted our services over the past year. Many of you have made the move to the beach here on 30A this year and are enjoying the lifestyle. Congrats. 


Beaches of 30A

Through the ups and downs of the year, a number of things have happened in South Walton / 30A area. Here's a few of the most notable things that made our list: 


1.) Demand for living at the beach, especially 30A, exploded. 

As corporate offices closed, the economy continued to do well for many segments, and interest rates dropped -- People began the exodus from the cities to consider full-time living at the beach. A dream considered to be far-off became reality very quickly for some. Here's a blog we

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YES. You read that correctly. In 2020, Over $1,000,000,000 more gross sales have taken place year over year vs 2019. 

2020 seems to be the year of 30A Real Estate here in South Walton. Home sales have been through the roof, and people are flocking to South Walton like never before for vacation rentals, investments, secondary homes, and primary living. And why not? 30A is awesome! Beautiful beaches, nature, state parks, inspiring real estate and neighborhoods, promising future and growth, etc. etc. etc.

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Live 30A Real Estate is here to help you on your journey, and impact a few lives along the way. Learn more here. 



As a resource to all the wonderful people that we have

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You may have heard it through the grapevine. Maybe you've experienced it. Here's the lowdown, a real story, and the actual numbers of what the real estate market on 30A is doing right now...


Summer's Over, the Election has come, and the 30A real estate market is as hot as ever. Here's what we are seeing as agents and brokers, a little logic, and the actual year over year 30A market report numbers below: 

Every day, agents log into the MLS and check the "hot sheet". Usually a few new listings, a similar number of sales, and the world is balanced. But... this is 2020 after all isn't it? For the past few months, the number of listings (30a homes for sale) hitting the market has been steady and strong, but the number of

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The 30A Real Estate September Numbers are out!

Properties Pending (under contract) are up 108% over September last year. 223 under contract.

Properties Sold (closed) are up 106% over September last year. 259 closed. 

Average Sale Price (sold properties) is up about 20% over September last year. Just over $1.25m

Properties are selling faster than I've ever seen them. Absorption Rate 3.53 Months. 

The number of 30A Homes for sale / available are down significantly.

The number of 30a properties sold are is up drastically.

The average 30a home for sale price is up quite a bit



What does this mean?


If you are like many, moving to the beach or buying your beach home on 30A has become a real possibility in 2020 due to

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The 30A Real Estate Market Is HOT. 

You're A Buyer. You Have Questions, Concerns, etc. Live 30A is here to help. Keep Reading. 

When the 30A real estate market is moving fast and is hot, there's a few things you as a buyer can be doing to make sure you're offer is a good and you'll be able to get the property that you've been dreaming about for family get togethers, financial reasons, and extra beach vacation time. Here's our quick list of a few things you can do. Oh and PS - there's a Realtor saying that stands mostly true... sometimes a buyer needs to "miss out" on a few homes before they "get serious". That's happening all the time now. 


30A Real Estate Market

#1.) Be Extra Prepared. 

- One of the big factors in making an offer is timing. When you have a

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The First Half of 2020 has been quite the year for real estate here on 30A. In our half-year (Q1 & Q2) Market Report, we detail out a few key indicators of market growth and health - factors that will help you, the buyer or seller, make informed decisions as you narrow down and find your 30A home, condo, or property. 

You'll find the market statistics below, as well an easy-to-read and share graphic, and explainer video if you'd rather listen and watch the beach than read an article. But before we get started - here's a few details you'll need to know... 

The report contains statistics relatively hyper-local to 30A. Meaning only properties south of 98 (does not include north of 98 properties and communities like Watersound Origins and half of Inlet

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30A is bustling like never before. The real estate market is hot. Homes are selling that had been sitting on market. Sellers are being realistic. Buyers have money. And as I mentioned before in a previous post - COVID-19 looks to be indeed causing a real estate boom here on 30A. 

The Quick Stats and Important Points

- Sales are up. Properties are moving quickly. Nearly 250 properties have gone under contract this month -- +62% over last year (and last year was a good year!) 

- Number of new listings that are coming on market compared to last year is the same to slightly down. 

- Many sellers aren't holding for their dream #'s as much. Many adjusting their "bottom line" to market values as negotiations have trended final closing prices to

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How is the 30A real estate market doing since COVID-19? 

Have prices dropped and owners started fire-selling their properties? 

Should I buy my 30A home now? or Should I wait a few months? Or years? 

Buying real estate on 30A is a big deal - lot's of questions are always warranted -- but in the midst of something like COVID-19, questions have doubled. Maybe tripled. So - let's find some answers as I share, from a real estate broker's perspective what's happening here on 30A, answers to questions, and explain how this whole thing might even lead to a real estate boom here at the beach. 

Ready. Set. Go. 

Live 30A

What Exactly is happening in the 30A Real Estate Market Right Now?  (April - May 2020)

1.) Sales are still happening - ESPECIALLY

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