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As a potential or future 30A home buyer, you naturally will have a few (read: many) questions. As experienced real estate agents, we can help. Here's a quick FAQ + Answer column that will help clear the air a little bit for you. 

How expensive are property taxes here? 

- Overall, cheaper than many other states and areas. Most of our clients are surprised at the affordability of the property taxes. Example: a $1,000,000 home property taxes will likely be around $6,000-8,000 per year. *Note: When purchasing a property, you should not rely 100% on the previous years taxes paid amount, but only as a reference. A purchase will trigger a re-assessment of taxes, likely resulting in higher taxes.

Is home insurance and flood insurance super expensive? 

- Generally speaking, no. Most of our clients are surprised how affordable the insurances are here on 30A. Many homes on 30A have a homeowners insurance premium (including wind-storm) around $3500-7500. Of course, it can be higher for more expensive homes.

- Flood insurance on 30A is typically $750-$1200 per year, with a few exceptions for homes located in certain areas (lowlands near the bay, near coastal dune lake outlets, and some gulf front homes). *Note: Many developments, like Watercolor, have strategically built their community so that almost all homes are not located in a designated flood zone. 

Do I have to be in-town to close on my property?

- No. In fact, many closings that occur on 30A are what we call "mail away" closings. New owners are back home and are able to sign and close remotely via mobile notaries and "mail away" closings. 

- We can help handle the keys, opening the property for any post-closing deliveries, etc. We are here to help before, during, and yes - even after the deal is done. We understand this is much more than just a transaction or business deal. It's your beach house and a place where so many family memories await. 


How long does it take to close on a property?

- For a financed property, closing usually takes place in 30-45 days. For Cash, as quickly as 2-3 weeks may be possible. For exact answers, please contact your lender and title. If you would like a list of recommended lenders that we work with often on 30A, please contact us. 

Can I use my lender back home to buy a property? Or should I find a local one? 

- You can in many cases use your lender back home for financing. Often, however, the process is a bit smoother and quicker with a local lender who understands the communities, needs, paperwork, local real estate market, etc. This is especially true when purchasing a condo. 


How much do rental management properties charge? 

- A very factor from company to company, you should always do your research and call a few companies to compare and contrast services and fees. Most companies will charge between 20-25%. *Note: Properties that generate very high rental income amounts are often manage for lower fees, depending. 

- If you are interested in vacation renting your property, which is very popular to offset ownership costs - contact us for a list of our recommended 30A vacation rental companies. 


How many weeks per year can I expect my property to rent if I use it as a vacation rental? 

- While it does vary a bit, depending on the location to beach, quality of home, size of home, rental rates, etc. A home on 30A in good condition, with a reputable rental management company, rents on average between 20-30 weeks per year. Most of these weeks are during the warmest months of the year and coinciding with schooling schedules. May, June, July, and part of August is typically the heaviest booked. March, some of April, September and October are common months as well. All major holidays are common weeks and weekends for vacationers to the beaches of 30A as well.  

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