If you're a homeowner in the 30A area, here's 3 things we think you need to know Fall 2022

The 30A Real Estate Market

Right now, we're in a post-pandemic real estate market - a place no one has been. We've seen 24-30 months of low inventory, sellers in control, and pricing climbing quickly due to a variety of very real factors. But now that restrictions in many places have been eased, interest rates have creeped up, and demand has slowed - what are sellers to think or react? Great question, I'm glad you asked. Right now, sellers should expect their homes to have a "normal" time on market before a sale of 20-70 days (depending on price point, etc.) and to be aggressively priced based on most recent comps of 30 days or less. Keep up to date by…

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   Over the last week, every Floridian has had the same thing on their mind:

   Where will Hurricane Ian make landfall and how strong will this storm become?

   From June 1st to November 30th, Floridians are watching for any disturbances that may be forming off of the western coast of Africa and south of the Gulf of Mexico. In the back of your mind you review: Do I have enough bottled water? Does the generator have fresh fuel and been serviced lately? How is the non-perishable inventory looking in my pantry? 

   To the uninitiated or new Floridians it may seem like everyone is passive or unconcerned, possibly even CRAZY! All you hear about are the Hurricane Parties, the fuel lines, evacuee traffic jams, and the people who are riding their…

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You've got 30A real estate questions. At Live 30A Real Estate, we've got the key data and high-powered Realtors you need to master the 30A real estate market and make great buying and selling decisions. 

Over the past 90-120 days, the real estate market in the US has been responding to interest rate hikes and FED efforts to curb inflation, as we've seen the market react, you may be asking yourself the questions: What's going on in the real estate market? Is the market starting to crash? Is it too late to sell? Should I wait to buy? 

All great questions, and here's the data and insights to help you get a better understanding on the 30A Real Estate Residential Market

Key Indicators: Number of homes sold year over year & absorption rate


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