Summer '22 - If you're a family who loves visiting the 30A area and You are thinking of buying a home... read this first. 

Here, we'll share 3 Things you Need to Know before considering purchasing a home in the 30A area this year. 

Live 30A Real Estate Home in Grayton

#1. Understanding the 30A Market in the Summertime

If you discovered 30A 30+ years ago, and haven't purchased property here yet - you've likely kicked yourself a few times thinking you could have picked up a plot of land on the cheap. Or perhaps you discovered 30A just a handful of years ago - either way, you're likely still doing the same. Here at Live 30A Real Estate, we see two types of people who love 30A: Those who continually look and look back saying "I should have bought back then" and those who make a…

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