A Note to All Interested 30A Real Estate Buyers: These Next 30-60 Days may be one of the best opportunities we have seen to purchase a home in the past 18 months. 

Since the opening of Florida vacation rentals (after COVID showed up) the 30A real estate market has gone on a bull run for a number of reasons as people migrate around the country, seek freedom, re-invest monies, and see investment opportunity - and the future of this area's real estate looks strong as this market is transitioning from a little collection of beach town's to the South's premier vacation and second home haven.

Here's the deal. 

Listing homes over the past 18 months has been interesting, because at first -buyers were over-running the market and bidding up the…

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Congratulations! It's time for your one week escape from it all in one of the most beautiful places in the world -- the demands of work, the responsibilities of a parent and all the other day-to-day tasks that require your time and energy will find their place to rest, recharge, and refresh.

Sunday morning comes and it's your first full day to enjoy all that 30A has to offer, specifically the beach. After sleeping in, enjoying a cup of coffee and a mid morning breakfast you gather your gear and head to the beach. You're so excited. It's time to finally stick your toes in the sand... but when you get to the base of the boardwalk and look around you realize this isn't your private oasis and, if you're lucky, maybe you'll get a spot on the "second row"…

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Only one more month of beautiful summertime here on 30A, can you believe it? For many, kids are already heading back to school - but for the many who relocated here or are extending their summer vacations - there's a little more summer heat left! Speaking of heat, the 30A real estate market has been on absolute FIRE for the last 14+ months... but where are we at today? 

Well, it may surprise you that today we are reporting the first notable MARKET DROP in terms of properties sold and properties put under contract since April/May of last year. That's right. But what does this mean? Does it mean we should prepare for a market correction? Well, from the viewpoint of a real estate broker and professionals at Live 30A specializing in 30A real estate…

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