We are to welcome and announce that Jessica Kriser has joined the Live 30A Real Estate family!

Jessica is kind and gracious and loves helping people. She also has extensive experience in the "behind-the-scenes" of vacation rental management here on 30A, and is a guide for those looking to find their perfect vacation beach house here in South Walton. ⁠She brings to the table tons of local real estate knowledge, including "what it takes" for a 30A home or condo to stand out in the vacation rental market. You can search with Jessica online at Jessica.Live30a.com

Fun Fact: Jessica served as a luxury vacation rental manager here on 30A for several years. She is also a wonderful mother! 

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Woohoo! Time for an update on our team impact for Q2 (April - June 2020) ... An exciting season it has been. 2020 is panning out to be a year when we are learning now more than ever, that no matter the inconveniences that life may throw at us, (cough, cough... COVID!) we can still make a difference and continue to find creative ways to bless others. 

 Serving our local community through real estate on 30A allows us to directly distribute 20% profits with the purpose of helping those in need across the globe - currently focusing in Leon, Nicaragua, where we have developed long term friendships and partnerships over the years.

30% of the population in Nicaragua is living on less than $2 a day... As we can imagine, this makes having basic…

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Finally being able to purchase "your" beach home on 30A is exciting! Congratulations if you've made it thus far - you've likely worked very hard to get where you are today, and 30A holds a special place in your heart for you and your family. 

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Whether you can pay cash or you're like most of us and will need financing, buying a property here at the beach is a multi-step process - but should go very smoothly if everyone is on the same page and speed. Having a great real estate agent that you connect with (read: vibe with) and communicate well with is key to a making things go as uninterrupted as it should. A good 30A real estate agent, like any with Live 30A, will help your clarify your needs, find the property, research the values, present and…

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We are happy to announce John & Shawna Jacoby have joined the Live 30A Real Estate family! Both bring unique strengths and personalities to the team that we are so excited to have. Please join us in welcoming them - you can share this post, leave a comment, and begin your real estate search with them at JohnJacoby.live30a.com and Shawna.live30a.com

John and Shawna are a dynamic couple that bring plenty of expertise and local knowledge to the table for their buyers and sellers. When working with them, you can expect to not only have a great experience, but you'll make friends along the way. 

Fun Fact: The Jacoby's have background knowledge in construction, business, and managing vacation rentals at the beach here on 30A. 

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About John: 

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 Love 30A and considering living at the beach instead of vacationing 2-3x per year?

Here's Our Guide to Becoming a Local on 30A

Heads up... It's entirely possible for you to live like a local, 10 minutes or less from the beautiful beaches of 30A. Here's how to make it happen and how others have ditched spending $10-25k+ per year on vacationing to 30A - to Living the 30A lifestyle. 

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New Business Practices & Work Lifestyles Make Living at the Beach a total Possibility. 

Previously, living at the beach (full time or part time) was reserved for the super wealthy, astute entrepreneurs, remote workers, local service providers, surfers, and beach bums. With COVID-19 changing the working landscape around the world, millions of people have found…

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