If you're a homeowner in the 30A area, here's 3 things we think you need to know Fall 2022

The 30A Real Estate Market

Right now, we're in a post-pandemic real estate market - a place no one has been. We've seen 24-30 months of low inventory, sellers in control, and pricing climbing quickly due to a variety of very real factors. But now that restrictions in many places have been eased, interest rates have creeped up, and demand has slowed - what are sellers to think or react? Great question, I'm glad you asked. Right now, sellers should expect their homes to have a "normal" time on market before a sale of 20-70 days (depending on price point, etc.) and to be aggressively priced based on most recent comps of 30 days or less. Keep up to date by…

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   Over the last week, every Floridian has had the same thing on their mind:

   Where will Hurricane Ian make landfall and how strong will this storm become?

   From June 1st to November 30th, Floridians are watching for any disturbances that may be forming off of the western coast of Africa and south of the Gulf of Mexico. In the back of your mind you review: Do I have enough bottled water? Does the generator have fresh fuel and been serviced lately? How is the non-perishable inventory looking in my pantry? 

   To the uninitiated or new Floridians it may seem like everyone is passive or unconcerned, possibly even CRAZY! All you hear about are the Hurricane Parties, the fuel lines, evacuee traffic jams, and the people who are riding their…

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You've got 30A real estate questions. At Live 30A Real Estate, we've got the key data and high-powered Realtors you need to master the 30A real estate market and make great buying and selling decisions. 

Over the past 90-120 days, the real estate market in the US has been responding to interest rate hikes and FED efforts to curb inflation, as we've seen the market react, you may be asking yourself the questions: What's going on in the real estate market? Is the market starting to crash? Is it too late to sell? Should I wait to buy? 

All great questions, and here's the data and insights to help you get a better understanding on the 30A Real Estate Residential Market

Key Indicators: Number of homes sold year over year & absorption rate


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The sun, the beach, the beautiful water. Creating family memories, enjoying the laid-back lifestyle, the like-minded community, and recharging in luxury - but away from the busyness of the city and bustling areas. This is what owning a family beach home here on 30A is all about. 

This Summer on 30A, the @Live30A team is here to provide clarity & the guidance you need. 

Watersound Beach 30A

Notable Sales & Trends Summer 2022

The third home near the $20,000,000 on 30A has closed , an expansive gulf-front home in between Watersound Beach and Alys Beach with 220' of beach frontage. 

The $5,000,000+ luxury residential market in South Walton is strong and growing stronger with sales (already closed) up 35% year over year and pending sales (under contract) up…

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Summer '22 - If you're a family who loves visiting the 30A area and You are thinking of buying a home... read this first. 

Here, we'll share 3 Things you Need to Know before considering purchasing a home in the 30A area this year. 

Live 30A Real Estate Home in Grayton

#1. Understanding the 30A Market in the Summertime

If you discovered 30A 30+ years ago, and haven't purchased property here yet - you've likely kicked yourself a few times thinking you could have picked up a plot of land on the cheap. Or perhaps you discovered 30A just a handful of years ago - either way, you're likely still doing the same. Here at Live 30A Real Estate, we see two types of people who love 30A: Those who continually look and look back saying "I should have bought back then" and those who make a…

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30A Real Estate Market Review

What happened in the local real estate market, Q1 2022?

Live 30A Beach photo

Year over year comparison

  • Average Sale Price: +21% @ $1.922m
  • Overall # Properties Sold: -18.3% (488 vs. 597)
  • Overall # Properties Pending: -34.2% (513 vs 780)
  • Overall # Active Listings: -21.1% (815 vs. 1033)
  • Overall # New Listings: -19.4% (554 vs 687)

Absorption Rate: Under 1 month. (This is an indicator used to show the amount of time it would take for the market to "sell out" if no new properties hit the market. This is the lowest number we have seen to date.) 

Days on market: Relatively unchanged at one week or less.

45 Properties at $5m or more under-contract or closed.
$24m sale, highest ever on 30A.

- This was a…

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The Grayton House - 30A's Most Historic and Storied Home

The Grayton House (known by many previously as "washaway") is the cornerstone of Grayton Beach, and quite possibly the original home in the 30A area. Today, we share a little of the story, and a sneak peek at what's coming Summer 2022... 

Grayton House 1895

Preserving History & Saving Everything Possible

Originally build before the turn of the century (1895), the Grayton House has becoming one of the most historic and storied homes in South Walton. Tales of Al Capone, government takeovers, jumping from the balcony onto sand dunes, washing all it's foundation (multiple times - hence "washaway"), and more -- the home was is dire shape by the time it came for sale again in 2019. Originally thought to be…

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It's spring 2022. As someone really interested in owning a beach home for your family here on 30A, you have questions that need answers. Here, we're sharing simple buying strategy that will help you understand why buying in the spring is a great time of year to do so.

Springtime Buying Strategy to Finally Get Your 30A Beach Home

Spring 2022 30A Real Estate homes

# 1. Identify an existing 30a vacation home to purchase.
# 2.Place an offer, negotiate & sign to go under contract.
# 3. Close in 30-45 days (Springtime)
# 4. Enjoy rental income potential day 1 of closing.

Here's how this works, and why it makes sense: Current owners of vacation rental properties will have vacation rental income already on the books for the year, much of which is still yet to come in the spring and…

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Spring is here on 30A & the beach is as appealing as ever after the Wintertime! As the 80+ degree weather here in South Walton hits and spring break is upon us, you'll be happy to know we've compiled a short list of things you must do as a vacationer here on 30A this spring!

Spring on 30A | 3 Things Every Vacationer Must Do

Number 1: Paddle, Picnic, & Beach Bonfire

Paddle Boarding 30A things to do

If you're going to truly experience the uniqueness of what South Walton has to offer -- and what makes "30A" so different, you'll have to get outside the normal exploration areas and jump on a paddle board! With super-rare coastal dune lakes (like the one you drive over to to get Watercolor) that are perfect for family excursions.... so grab a paddle board rental from your local…

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If you're looking to buy a vacation rental home on 30A, and transition from renter to owner, Congrats! Here, we'll cover a a few things to keep your eye out for when you're on the search! 

Our agents here at Live 30A Real Estate are here to assist in your search, to answer questions, place offers, negotiations, and transaction management to closing and beyond. 

Seaside 30A Homes for sale Live 30A

5 Things Every 30A Buyer Should Look For When Buying a Vacation Rental Home
1. Location, Location, Location. 

- Look for homes with a quick access to a good beach access.

- Take into account nearby restaurants that can be accessed via golf cart within minutes.

- Homes nearby town-centers and planned urban developments often perform great. 

2. Sleeping Arrangements (and…

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