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Around the world, international travel has come to nearly a screeching halt. But the needs for those in need have increased dramatically. So what can we do?

A local ministry, Twelve Churches, has come up with a creative solution by partnering with on-the-ground help in Nicaragua to supply much-needed food to families with tremendous need. 

It's a simple opportunity to make a impactful change.

100% of your $75 donation purchases enough food and basic supplies to drastically improve the food quality and basic living hygiene for a family of 4 in this time of need. 

For example: Instead of morsels of bread and ground-corn water, children can have eggs, rice, beans, fruits, and a few veggies - supplying vital nutrients to grow and develop

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Set out to help others, The Faces of Walton County is fun community service that highlights individuals and their unique stories and services in the 30A / South Walton community. They help voices be heard, new entrepreneurs get a little exposure, and local humble heroes be known.

The Faces of Walton County Steely Group Live 30A

Each month or so, they sit down with someone in the community here that has been "nominated" by a friend, co-worker, or just someone who thinks their story needs to be known. They get to know the person, make friends, ask questions big and small, share laughs and help connect the community to the nominee -- creating valuable exposure and forging community connections that otherwise wouldn't be present. 

The well-read, published articles on their site, social media

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30A in South Walton, Florida is a beautiful place to vacation, live, or visit - with amazing geography, lakes, beaches, outdoor lifestyle, mom and pop shops, cute little themed towns like Seaside and Rosemary -- and more "eclectic" communities like Grayton Beach, Blue Mountain, or Seagrove Beach... what's not to love? 

But sometimes, looking at homes can get a little bland... they can all run together and start to look the same... (white, bright, etc. etc. etc. etc.) and then... the refreshing feeling hits you of seeing a home built by someone who had the nerve to be different, to stand out and be creative. We all love that don't we? These are the types of 30A homes that we save inspiration from, the ones we send to our friends, and the ones that

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July 1st, 2020 - COVID-19 Update on 30A

30A is bustling with people, families making memories, and summer vacation seemingly continuing as usual with a few restrictions and the mask in more confined spaces and stores that require it. As we venture into July 4th weekend and into uncharted waters with COVID-19 and rising cases - there are a few takeaways and observations I'd like to share so far: 

- The real estate market here is as hot as I've ever seen it (8+ years experience) and COVID-19 has indeed sparked quite the real estate boom here at the beach in South Walton. During the first quarantine, thousands of would-be 30A beach goers sat at home while hundreds of 30A property owners visited their beach homes and enjoyed the time away from the city

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Every week, the team at Live 30A Real Estate picks our favorite properties from the "Hot Sheet". Newly listed or re-listed, price changes, and back-on-market opportunities. 

Live 30A Best Properties on 30A June 2020


If you would like to have these emailed directly to your inbox, along with other 30A real estate tips and information - We'd love to help do so, just let us know or login to our website and search for property. 

This first half of the year has been a heck of a year, huh? We've all journeyed in and through information, misinformation, a global pandemic, quarantines, uncertainty, relief, excitement, and the whole gambit of emotions that continue to this day. The real estate market here on 30A has honestly followed a similar path - We've had a strong start, a near

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30A is bustling like never before. The real estate market is hot. Homes are selling that had been sitting on market. Sellers are being realistic. Buyers have money. And as I mentioned before in a previous post - COVID-19 looks to be indeed causing a real estate boom here on 30A. 

The Quick Stats and Important Points

- Sales are up. Properties are moving quickly. Nearly 250 properties have gone under contract this month -- +62% over last year (and last year was a good year!) 

- Number of new listings that are coming on market compared to last year is the same to slightly down. 

- Many sellers aren't holding for their dream #'s as much. Many adjusting their "bottom line" to market values as negotiations have trended final closing prices to

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64 Ventana Blvd | Blue Mountain Beach, FL 32459

One of the coolest and most equipped homes you'll find in Blue Mountain under $1,000,000. Check it out here! 

Four Bedrooms | Five total bathrooms |  2,475 Square Feet

See the full listing details here

64 Ventana Blvd Santa Rose Beach Blue Mountain Beach Live 30A

Featuring one of the largest, most accommodating and beautiful kitchen spaces for any home under $1m, this house is perfect for families and those who love to host gatherings with loved ones and friends. 

Leading out from the kitchen is a oversized island and open living space for catching the games on the weekend, cooking and visiting at the same time, and more...

Beautiful spacious bedrooms and masterful bath...

Perfect for families who want a little outdoor

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How is the 30A real estate market doing since COVID-19? 

Have prices dropped and owners started fire-selling their properties? 

Should I buy my 30A home now? or Should I wait a few months? Or years? 

Buying real estate on 30A is a big deal - lot's of questions are always warranted -- but in the midst of something like COVID-19, questions have doubled. Maybe tripled. So - let's find some answers as I share, from a real estate broker's perspective what's happening here on 30A, answers to questions, and explain how this whole thing might even lead to a real estate boom here at the beach. 

Ready. Set. Go. 

Live 30A

What Exactly is happening in the 30A Real Estate Market Right Now?  (April - May 2020)

1.) Sales are still happening - ESPECIALLY

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Watercolor has long been known as one of the "go to" communities on 30A for family vacations, purchasing the family beach house, and building real estate investments. Today, we will take a look at the top 10 luxury properties in Watercolor that are available for sale (as April 2020) 

Touted as one of the most beautiful communities anywhere, Watercolor was master-planned a rare coastal dune lake (Western Lake) and Grayton Beach State Park with incredibly peaceful outdoor parks, nature trails, neighborhood pools, a family and community friendly "Camp Watercolor" amenity, open playing fields, delectable restaurants, and of course - a top-notch Beach Club for all guests and owners. 

 Our Favorite: 110 Flatwood Street (see it on

Beautiful homes in Watercolor for sale Live 30a


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Alys Beach is finally getting its highly-anticipated owners club.

This is your source for updates, pictures, and information as it develops and finishes in 2020. 


June 2020 - The beach club is coming to life with power, painting, and the structure complete. Soon, the beach club will open and will become of the most beautiful, largest, and best beach clubs on 30A. The beach club will be open to Alys Beach owners and their immediate guests only. 




April 2020

Alys Beach owners club under construction update

February 2020

Structure complete! Gulf front portion of the club receiving some iconic white Alys Beach paint. All moving full steam ahead for a summer 2020 launch for the Alys Beach Homeowners! 


Mid-January January 2020

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