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"We founded Live 30A Real Estate to be your local, home-town real estate company that loves and advocates for all the wonderful things that make our beach communities so unique & make a lasting impact with our skills and relationships in real estate. 

As an innovative and energized team of 30A Realtors, we pursue incredible marketing, creative strategy, and actual results. If you are thinking of selling and/or investing in the local South Walton real estate locally, our team is excited to come alongside you for your next home buying or selling adventure. 
We also know first hand how showing a little kindness and love can transform lives across the world. That's why we reinvest 25% of profits into doing just that. Over the past 18 months, we've partnered together with a sister organization - Give 30A to connect with opportunities in Nicaragua to help finish construction for a children's home that serves those with mental and physical differences, renovate a Christian school for a better learning environment, and help provide clean water, power, and food for many others. Learn more here.
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One of our favorite quotes from Love Does author, Bob Goff 

"We can do a bunch of things to make a bunch of money. But let's do some things to make a bunch of difference."

The Short Story Behind Live 30A

By Jon Lyons, Owner & Co-Broker

The initial idea of Live 30A started in 2011 just like any other -  and began developing and growing into a much bigger dream with bigger purpose "behind the scenes" late 2019 when I officially started Live 30A Real Estate company. 
After years of working as a real estate agent and serving as a real estate broker on 30A since 2016, my wife and I were invited to begin travelling for the opportunity to love and bless others around the world through ministry opportunities. We travelled to countries like Dominican Republic, Peru, China, and Nicaragua and we quickly began to realize how great of an opportunity we have to make an impact with our lives, in our work, and using our resources.  We also realized the incredible potential there was to make a lasting impact (both at home and across the world) if we lived a little more simply, gave a bit more generously, and took the little leap of faith to begin loving those around us like we were made of it.

In 2017, God took us on a journey to begin building relationships for a greater purpose...

In 2019, we founded and launched Live 30A Real Estate for the greater purpose of impacting lives. Today, we dedicate 25% of all company profits to fighting generational poverty and improving health for Children in Nicaragua.


If our story inspires you and you love 30A real estate, we'd love to work with you! If you're a real estate agent with a similar heart, we'd love to partner with you.


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