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"We can do a bunch of things to make a bunch of money. But let's do some things to make a bunch of difference." - Bob Goff

The idea of Live 30A started in 2012 and began developing "behind the scenes" until it's official launch in 2019. 
We are a new company built by some longtime local & import 30A real estate experts who've decided to do what they do best (and what we love) with a greater purpose. Essentially, Live 30A is a real estate company, brand, and culture that strives to serve, market, and sell with excellence using all the time-proven tools and newest technologies - for a greater purpose.
You see, when you trust our team to list, market, and sell your property with one of our listing agents or work alongside one of our buyer agents and purchase your 30a home - the commission generated not only supports a local South Walton company and a new friend at the beach, but also personally and directly impacts a few lives in places of conflict around the world. Read more...

Our Simple Promise to You. 

  • Hard work & Smart work
  • A friend who you can trust and count on
  • Professional level service in buying & selling
  • The best buyer-agent experience you'll find (or fire us. Really.)
  • Your listing will look absolutely amazing & better than most on the market (or cancel the listing. Really.)
  • After closing hands-on assistance & access to all of our recommended vendors


To Our Present, Past, and Future Seller Clients

Thank you for trusting us. It's a big decision to sell a property, and an important decision on who you choose to list, market, and sell your property as not all companies and agents take the same approach. We promise to help you effectively (and honestly) price your property and prepare you to be in the best negotiation position possible. And on your behalf, we promise to formulate a marketing plan to make your property to look absolutely amazing and reach the most buyers.


To Our Present, Past, and Future Buyer Clients

Thank you for trusting us too. Working with a friendly, professional, knowledgeable, smart, and hardworking 30a real estate agent is important and can make the difference between getting the property of your dreams or not. There are lots of good agents in our area, so we thank you for choosing to work with us and believing in our vision to impact lives in the process. We promise to give you not only our best effort, expertise, and service, but also give you access to all listings and our buyer resources. 
Thank you again for visiting Live30a.com. We'd love to make friends, help you buy that 30A property you've been dreaming about, and together generously change a few lives in the process. 

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