Getting to Know Live 30A Real Estate & Why We Exist

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We believe we can make a lasting impact. 

We believe in bringing people together. 

We believe in making a difference in all that we do. 

We do that through providing exceptional and friendly service, creating authentic connections, and helping those in need.

We just so happen to do that through serving families buying homes here in beautiful South Walton and 30A. 


One of our favorite quotes from Love Does author, Bob Goff 

"We can do a bunch of things to make a bunch of money. But let's do some things to make a bunch of difference."

How Live 30A & the vision began
The initial idea of Live 30A started in 2011 as a real estate company just like any other -  and began developing into something with a much greater purpose "behind the scenes" until official launch in 2019. 
Travelling for mission work to countries like Dominican Republic, Peru, and Nicaragua we quickly realized how great an opportunity we have to make an impact with our lives, work, and resources.  We also realized the incredible potential there was to make a difference in many different lives and futures (both here and there) if we lived a bit more simply, gave a bit more generously, and worked for a greater purpose than ourselves or company.
In 2017, we began building relationships and partnerships in countries like these for a greater purpose.
In 2019, we founded and launched Live 30A Real Estate for the greater purpose of impacting lives around the world. 
Thank you for joining the adventure and partnering with us to make a lasting difference. The impact you're helping make by working with us, recommending us to your friends, sharing about Live 30A, will be felt for generations - and in some cases, forever.  
And thanks to all of the great and inspiring companies, non-profits, ministries and individuals out there who are making a difference in our world and changing lives in the process. 

We look forward to serving you. 

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